S.H.A.G. = Société Héraultaise d'Arts Graphiques.

In 1989, Mr Michel Mateu created his new French adhesive coating company called Société Héraultaise d'Arts Graphiques with the brand name S.H.A.G. Basically, the company literally meant a Société (company) based in Hérault in the South of France that was to produce Graphic Arts materials (sign vinyl & print media). This company was to become the first manufacturer of self-adhesive sign vinyl in France.

After the launch of their first sign vinyl products, the company soon realised that the S.H.A.G. brand may not be an acceptable name for a world-wide brand. This led to the creation of the HEXIS brand, which replaced S.H.A.G. brand in the first quarter of 1992. This led to the creation of the company we know today as HEXIS S.A. in 1993.

To celebrate the first 30 years of successful manufacturing and as a reminder of their history, HEXIS has re-introduced the S.H.A.G. brand back to the more accepting world market of 2019 with a range of premium quality tools and accessories.

We hope you like the tools that are branded S.H.A.G.!